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Welcome to Star Family Health and Wellness!  We are excited you are here, and believe that our Integrative approach will result in your entire family getting and staying healthy!  At this Star Medical Center, we believe that healthcare is not the sole responsibility of the medical provider.  Rather, it is a partnership between the provider and the patient.  Because of this, we strongly feel that educating and working with patients one on one helps them to achieve a sense of overall wellness and well being.

As a comprehensive family medicine clinic, we blend traditional and integrative medicine together.  Whether you need Women's Health and wellness care, chronic disease management, or acute care for minor injuries, count on our Star clinic to care for your entire family.  

Although we are a new Treasure Valley family medical provider, we are fully prepared to care for all ages.  It is our goal to support our patients in staying healthy.  Our philosophy of health education as a Star Primary Care provider means that we can support and empower our patients in their health goals.

The people of Treasure Valley Idaho have long enjoyed a robust outdoor life, living well in the sunshine and fresh air.  Our new provider, Sherry Stanton, is a Family Nurse Practitioner who is passionate about providing medical care to rural communities and excited to call Star Idaho her home.  She has been providing care for the pediatric population for over 22 years, but is trained and able to see all ages.  She enjoys the Family Centered Care that being a small town health care provider makes possible.  At the Star clinic, she can handle all of your family medical needs, including chronic disease management, annual check ups and wellness checks.


You may ask - What is integrative medicine?  Integrative Medicine is a healing oriented medicine that takes the whole person into account, including all aspects of their lifestyle.  It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient, informed by evidence, and makes use of varying therapies to achieve the best outcome possible. 

Integrative Medicine promotes the combination of mind, body and spirit to regain the body's natural equilibrium to achieve health.  Many times patient's go to doctors with multiple symptoms affecting multiple organ systems, and often see various specialties to try to fix the issues.  Integrative Medicine puts the focus on how someone's symptoms could be related and searches for root causes.  This means that the person is treated as a whole rather than just individual issues.  The focus then becomes restoring balance and considering factors that might be affecting the overall health, such as dietary habits or exercise limitations.

This new focus on the relationship between the patient and the medical practitioner means that many health problems are managed, not necessarily cured.  At Star Wellness, the integrative partnership guides and advises patients regarding treatment options.  Together, they decide on the course of action that will result in the best chronic disease management plan.  Attention is directed on where the patient is in their life, and how their lifestyle can be supported to address any obstacles to changes and treatments. 

Patients experience less invasive and more cost-effective treatments through the combination of traditional treatment options like prescription medications, surgery, etc and integrative mind-body approaches (lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc).  This is a personalized approach to medicine that really engages the patient to participate in their wellness journey.


The key to any successful treatment plan is that the patient is intrinsically INVOLVED in their care and in the treatments that are being implemented.  AT Star Wellness, this individual relationship and integrative functional medicine is key to any patient's wellness journey.  We have a strong emphasis on holistic approaches to minimize symptoms and achieve an overall balance.  At Star Family Health and Wellness, all aspects of a patient's life is taken into account - stress level, nutrition, and activity level are only a few.   









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