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Integrative Medicine

       The team at Star Family Health and Wellness uses Integrative Medicine to help understand individuals as a whole. Integrative Medicine combines both conventional and alternative medicine to best serve the individual. Integrative Medicine combines traditional medicine like surgery, and drugs with more complimentary medicine like yoga,  herbal supplements, and diet therapy. 

         Integrative Medicine is a great way to treat long term chronic symptoms right here in Star, Idaho!

Goldie S.


I visited Star Family Health last week and I wanted to leave a positive review for others who are considering visiting this office. Dee Dee at the front desk is friendly, helpful and exactly what an office needs as a patients first point of contact. GJ, the medical assistant was helpful and did an awesome job!! And the new doctor Sherry Stanton was great! She spent extra time with me and was very knowledgeable and helpful with my health concerns. I am so glad that this is my doctors office!!

What Our Patients Are Saying

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