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Beat the Smoke

Hi everyone, this is Sherry from your Star Family Health and Wellness, I would like to touch base and send out a blog on a how to limit your exposure to smoke.

With our Summer in full swing with outside activities we do need to keep in mind it is also fire season.

1) Pay attention to the air quality, keep updated

2) Limit your time outdoors watch the air index for suggestions

3) Drink plenty of water (you guys know this is my favorite: water, water, water)!

4) Know your body and how you are feeling, smoke bothers our eyes, nose, and throat, this is a normal response BUT ask yourself: how is my breathing, am I short of breath, having headaches, feeling some tightness in my chest, wheezing, and or feeling tired while outside?

Stop what you are doing, yes even if its fun, and go inside, make sure your windows are closed, continue to pay attention to how you feel and are breathing.

Lastly, I would love to see you, but I would prefer it to be out in the community! You can give us a call for any questions or concerns, have a great Summer.

- Sherry Stanton, FNP

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