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Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Hi all! I decided to post videos on topics of importance and to expand on those videos through blogging!

My goal is not only a healthier you - but to also encourage participation. This means you can ask me questions here on the net or by coming into the clinic with written questions. I can then address them in a blog or on our Facebook page Star Family Health and Wellness!

The topic I chose today is "lifestyle changes." This is a tough one as we all plan to improve our health. But then...reality crashes in on us as we do not see results fast enough, or we lack inspiration or support, or we have triggers that prompt us to engage in unhealthy habits. All of these things can make it difficult to maintain the changes. I always say “start slow, change one thing at a time.” This is important and can help you not only change an undesirable habit, but can help it to become a sustained relearned behavior.

I can not imagine anyone waking up and thinking “yummy! plain Greek yogurt today!” Well, not unless this is a learned food taste, right? What if you DID enjoy foods that were healthier and impacted your long-term wellness in a positive manner? This can happen - but not overnight. This is why it is so important to:

  • Identify your triggers

  • Participate in your changes daily. Remember! If it was easy everyone would have accomplished this and we would not be having this conversation.

  • Have support from family and friends. They need to help support your decision to be a healthier you.

  • Take Time. These changes take time. Know that not every day will be easy

  • Know you Are Worth It! You are very important. This is the most important one! Love yourself and know your health can be improved; therefore, improving your life quality!

Educate yourself. Look at the back of all foods (those with a shelf and freezer life), you will be amazed at the preservatives that are put into these foods to preserve it! YUK.

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